Welcome to La Maga’s Tribe!

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La Maga!!!

Just a little about the Tribe.

We regularly attend Pirate-themed outings, and we are looking for other ships or houses to fly the Demon Tail of La Maga Demonios under their own flags during festivals to show admiration to La Maga. Our group is all-ages, except for at events like Tortuga, which is an age 21 and older event.

Some of the Tribe Perks.

People from any corner of the world may join. At events such as Sea Dog Nights and Tortuga, we can organize with Ship leaders/Captains to decide on issues like land grants, volunteering, in game story-line scheming, networking, and anything else we like.

Ships that join the Tribe retain independence and autonomy; association is voluntary and at-will. Members may join at any time and a yearly minimum donation will get you access to additional benefits. These may include invitations to Tribal events if we meet certain fund raising goals. To join please submit a form found here.

Why the website?

Here we will be compiling info and recording the history of the La Maga Tribe. Feel free to join in. If you would like to include information about your house or ship, please donate; we’ll set up a section of our site to detail your lore and host other media. Also, check out the Knowledge Base and let us know what you think and if you have anything to add. -Do As You Will Yet Harm None.

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